FN News Keynote Speech 2018- Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown

December 13, 2018

Miryco’s Manager, Clare was extremely impressed by Gordon Brown’s keynote speech at the FN News Building last night, entitled “The Year Ahead: The Great Disruption”.

Since his departure from the Prime Minister’s seat, it was a welcome surprise to see how much he has evolved to become an exceptionally seasoned speaker who captivated and commanded the room. Additionally, in this period of global instability, former Prime Minister Gordon Brown was able to summarize Geo-political, macroeconomic and financial services related issues, whilst emphasizing the importance and further need for international cooperation. Our political views will remain our own however, the audience and Miryco included, seemed to be in unanimous agreement with the comments shared.

Brilliant keynote speech at a stunning venue and an excellent round-up of global affairs that didn’t simply focus on Brexit.

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