ETF Round-up 2018 at KPMG

November 29, 2018

This year has been a huge year for ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds) and passive investing and this is for both established issuers and new entrants, in addition to authorised participants spanning the entire ETF eco-system.

Subsequently, Miryco has been heavily involved in servicing the industry to identify strong candidates to introduce to our global clients,with coverage of roles within ETF distribution, Sales Strategy and Investment Research & Analysis.

We attended KPMG’s Women in ETF’s 2018 conference entitled ‘Europe’s ETF Ecosystem: the Road Ahead”, which summarised the evolution of the industry, it’s rapid expansion this year and what to expect moving forwards. Some of the industry’s top players made up the audience and exceptionally seasoned panel with representatives from WisdomTree, Vanguard, State Street and MSCI present.

Moving forwards, we expect to gain further exposure to recruiting within the industry and additionally begin to see more complex requirements for individuals with solid knowledge of ETF asset classes, physical & synthetic replication in addition to product specialists with expertise in the ETP’s spanning ESG, Commodities and even Bitcoin.

A great year for ETF’s!

Miryco Business Card